Colin’s fans


When Fans meet Colin Morgan – Have a look
Last year, Colin’s fans wrote few words for his thirtieth birthday – Colin Morgan’s thirtieth birthday


Video clip: Colin Morgan messages from his fans …


4 thoughts on “Colin’s fans

  1. I loved your work in Merlin!! I I hope you make a season 6!! There was so much that wasn’t covered in the last episode!! Anyways I don’t have as much experience as you but I love
    acting an I’d love to get in contact with you !!! Right now I’m doing modeling 420nurses an have at least 17 credits towards a theater degree I’m working on that! Hope you keep the good work up!

  2. Hey Megan, Colin is not on the web, this website is a fansite so he won’t answer you, and there is no season six sadly… the season five was the last one

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