Website – The Unofficial Website Dedicated to the Irish actor Colin Morgan. New version – 2010 / 2017

Many fans asked me why did I do this website, It’s a journalistic eye first but there is more,

Nowadays, true values are getting away so far, People are so tough and so cold. I’m feeling myself lost into this world that has no connection with my childhood’s memories and my dreams. I’m really envious when I see Colin Morgan’s ability to give so much of himself all around him. I like his convictions, I like the way he sees the beauty of life, the beauty of the nature.

I appreciate his dedication for his work. Colin Morgan needn’t to say anything to make us feel exactly what his character feels, it’s really stunning. he looks into the soul of his character. I think he was born to be an actor. There is something about Colin that makes him so unique. A little spark, a certain something that seems to come from elsewhere.. It’s always difficult to put some words on our feelings.

Being an actor is not only a mere job, it’s also bringing happiness to the people, I appreciate him genuinely, I’m proud of him and I think he can do everything in this job.





Shamya Williams let us a message about her meeting with Colin morgan when she has interviewed him ( Read her Interview )

” New York Comic Con is always a fun time and I get to interview a lot of cool people from some of my favorite shows. This year, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Colin Morgan for his show Humans. I didn’t watch the show beforehand, but after speaking with him I immediately became a fan. He showed that he truly understood and connected to his character Leo. Also, it doesn’t hurt that his accent is adorable! ”



Alison Jane Reid let us a message about her meeting with Colin morgan when she has interviewed him ( Read her interview )

” I have interviewed many icons in my career as a journalist; but Colin Morgan is special. I admire and relate to his struggles to become an actor in Northern Ireland. Colin is very thoughtful, intelligent, has lovely manners ( well done Colin’s mum) and is interested in things that are worth caring about such as the natural world and the food that we eat. I think he is a great role model. I can also tell you that he isn’t interested in celebrity. He loves his job and the craft of acting. It’s as simple as that ”




Jenna Busch’s Magic moment with the cast of Merlin

I had the great pleasure to moderate the Merlin panel for the second time at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and it was wonderful to see Colin and Anthony again and meet Katie, Bradley and Santiago. Also wonderful to see Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy again.

This has to be the nicest cast I’ve ever gotten a chance to meet. They are unfailingly nice, charming and welcoming. Plus, they seem to have a wonderful time together. After four years, that’s a rare thing.

Colin is an absolute delight. Last year I was presented with one of his Merlin scarves and he was sweet enough to show me how to wear it. This year we chatted about bands and Comic Con. I’m so excited for the next two seasons!




Colin Morgan – Questions & Affiliates.

Is this the Official website of Colin Morgan? Does Colin have an internet presence anywhere?

No. This website is run by Kahlan who has no contact with him at all. There is no official website for Colin. There is no Twitter and no Facebook, He has expressed some apprehension about the internet in the past and has said having a Twitter would cause more frustration for people cause there would be no way he’d be able to answer all the replies he would get. His agency does have a profile for him, which you can see here.




Elites Affiliates

Colin Morgan Belgique





7 thoughts on “Website

  1. hello Kahlan, you are doing a great job in here, ı have just seen the site and wanted to leave a comment, agree about your thoughts of colin morgan, words are nearly not enough to describe or define him, as if he is not belonging to this world, but somewhere just as beautiful as him, long live colin morgan

  2. Thank you very much for your words, i truly appreciate your kindness, sadly these months i am very busy and the website is very late i’m so sorry… xx

  3. Dont worry kahlan, all of us may be busy from time to time, just we would like you not to give up the site, we are becoming up to date about colin morgan, thanks to you

  4. Hello again kahlan, dont worry all of us might becoming busy from time to time, keep going when you had time, we are following, becoming up to date about colin morgan, thanks to you, and ı would offer you a link to have a look at, it provides a very very detailed biography about morgan, i think you wiil like it, you may want to post it in the biography chapter with permission of the site owner of course, take care, bye for now

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