Waiting for you

” Compelled by grief and curiosity a young Englishman travels to France where he meets an eccentric older woman and unearths truths about the father he never really knew and about himself.” – Waitingforyoumovie.com


Co-written with Hugh Stoddart and Charles Garrad directing

Grieving young Englishman Paul (Colin Morgan) escapes to France looking for something he thinks is owed to his dead father. He worms his way into a mysterious, crumbling house owned by elegant, imperious musician Madeleine (Fanny Ardant). Thus begins a game of cat and mouse between them. Both have dangerous secrets to reveal, and when all the painful truths seem to have been pulled into the light comes Madeleine’s final astonishing revelation.

French review published by Mercolin for Merlin HypnoSeries – HERE

Hugh Stoddart went to a screening of ‪Waiting For You‬ on June 8th 2016. The film has been submitted to films festivals._


Official Stills – Credit: Waitingforyoumovie.com






Opening the ‘Ecrans Brittanique’ Festival in Nimes, France

Friday 24th February at 9.00pm

LE SEMAPHORE, 25,rue Porte de France 30900 NIMES

To book, telephone 04 66 67 83 11 or email le.semaphore@wanadoo.fr

This first Screening was a success!


Borderlines Film Festival

The Assembly Rooms in Ludlow, Shropshire, UK

Friday 3rd March, 7.40pm

Book tickets on the Borderlines Film Festival website


Belfast Film Festival

Tuesday 4th April, 9.00pm

Tickets on sale on the Belfast Film Festival website from 7th March



There will be festival screeenings in the autumn:

  • Buffalo International Film Festival, USA (5.15 PM on 9 October)  Buy Tickets: Eventbrite.com


  • Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA (Saturday, Nov 4, 8pm at Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale
    Thursday, Nov 5, 3:30pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood) Buy Tickets: Fliff.com


  • New British Film Festival in Russia, Moscow (1st and 12th November 2017) Coolconnections.ru


  • Screening in France: 21st November 2017 – Rencontres des Cinéma d’Europe, Aubenas, France, www.maisonimage.eu



and more to come…




Trailer coming soon…


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