The Rising


In the early 20th century, a handsome young man leaves a small family farm and becomes the mastermind of a rebellion that changes Ireland forever.
Writers: Colin Broderick, Kevin McCann

April 2015 – The production of The Rising published an Official announcement:

We are pleased to announce that the Irish Film Board have reviewed an application for ‘The Rising’ and allocated a development fund of €14,200.

This Irish government money match funds development funding from Northern Ireland Screen in Belfast received in 2013 (£3,000) and 2014 (£2,500), along with other sources of development finance raised since 2012 such as crowd-funding (from 35 different countries), donations from the United States, Cavan County Council and Leitrim County Council.

Over the next 3 months, the $6 million budget for the PRODUCTION of this first 1916 movie must be raised. Half of this will come from tax facilities in Ireland (30% / Section 481), state funding for north and south(IFB, NIS) and media funds (Broadcaster / BAI ). The remainder will be raised through an open call for private investors and crowd-funding donations. Further cast announcements will be made during this time, in parallel with meetings/events in the USA and talks with distributors at Cannes Film Festival next month.


Proposed Schedule:

Pre-Production: July to September 2015
Production: October/November 2015
Post-Production: December 2015 – February 2016
St.Patrick’s Day 2016: Premiere screenings across the world, followed by cinema distribution.

April 24th marks the start of the 1-year countdown to the centenary of the Rising, the cultural revolution in Ireland. We will be launching a special global campaign featuring Irish cultural figures to draw attention to 2016 and ‘The Rising’ movie.

We are grateful to all our supporters across world, and thank the Irish Film Board and Northern Ireland Screen for their backing. For all queries including those related to investment or donation, please contact


Dec 16th 2014 – Colin Morgan has been cast to star in lead role of Irish Rebellion Movie The Rising. The first movie on the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland. It is produced by Maccana Teoranta ( The Boys of St.Columbs ) for release in 2017. The story of the rising of a country, not the tearing down of a city.

THE RISING is the 1st movie to tell the story of the 1916 Easter Rising. In this clip, Colin reads Sean’s last letter before Sean was executed.

Please help support this important film on social media. Thank you.

Credits: The Rising

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Photo: Colin Morgan and Kevin McCann in New York at end of Easter Week, a century after final day of rebellion ( @1916movie )


 September 17th 2016 – The cast of The Rising to The Embassy of Ireland. Film expected to be released in 2017.

Credit Photo:  Daniel Mulhall


Colin Morgan and Brendan Coyle visited The Irish Embassy in London for script reading of the upcoming movie on the 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion ‘The Rising’ 1916movie

They discussed the 1916 rebellion with Daniel Mulhall, the Irish Ambassador to Great Britain and published historian of ‘A Portrait of Ireland in 1900’.

Credits: BC_UnofficialFC and 1916movie

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