Testament of Youth





Produced by Heyday and BBC Movies in Yorkshire. Colin Morgan plays Victor Richardson, a schoolmate of Edward’s who behaved gallantly towards Vera when so many of her friends were killed

” Colin Morgan’s ‘Victor’ stood out as a smaller character with so much likability. His story, to me, was equally as tragic and provoking as the others. Morgan presented Victor in a way that made the audience feel sorry for him; not because of unrequited love, but of what he, too, suffers during the war. Morgan’s ability to tell the audience so much more about his character than the visuals and dialogue does is mesmerising, and at specific moments in the film, you can pinpoint what he is thinking and why he has said or done a certain thing, which really steals the scene. ”


Jade Morris, reviewer of Testament of Youth – MORE

Photo – Neverif



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