#Waitingforyou with #ColinMorgan

New photo of Waiting For You with Colin Morgan and Fanny ArdantHughstoddart.co.uk 



#Waitingforyou Private Screening – #ColinMorgan

Screening this week for Colin Morgan as Paul Ashton in Waiting For You.

” Invitation only sorry fans but it’s all building interest in the film! ” Hugh stoddart

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#Waitingforyou – results of the survey..

‘ Waiting for you ‘ is going to be sell across the international market.
We wished to know where Colin Morgan’s fans are based …

Facebook – Twitter – Colinmorgan.site.cx


There are fans all over the world that’s amazing ! Thank you for your answers guys !

Fans in England / Europ / USA and Canada form the largest group.

Canada / Italy / USA ( Ohio, Washington DC, Rhode Island, Richmond, Oklahoma, Texas, Phoenix, Nevada, New York… ) / Croatie / Germany / Australie / Ireland / Malaysia / Austria / France ( Paris / Lille / Savoie / Charleville Mézières, Ardennes / Tarbes hautes pyrénées / Nancy / Rennes ) / England / India / Argentina / Sri Lanka / Denmark / Poland / Mexico / Ghana Africa / Greece / Spain / Quebec / Turkey / Indonesia / Peru / The Netherlands / China / Brunei Darussalam / Puerto Rico / Scotland / Phillipines / Fiji Islands / Russia, Moscow / Myanmar.

 ( Do not worry guys. It was just a survey to know where Colin’s fans are based.

Nothing is official yet. We have to wait. Thank you ! )

Waiting for you

Waiting for you is going to be sell across the international market. It would be interesting for the production to know where Colin Morgan’s fans are based.

So Where are you from?

We count on you guys !


A very special Artwork with Colin Morgan from the film Waiting for you – Credit photos: Waitingforyoumovie.com