Parked is a 2010 drama film directed by Darragh Byrne.

” Fred Daly lives a quiet, lonely life in his car. But that changes when Cathal arrives in a little yellow car and becomes his neighbour.

A dope-smoking 21 year old with positive attitude, Cathal seems determined to make Fred sort his life out. And it works. As Cathal’s infectious energy rubs off on him, Fred modifies his car into a home, beats the welfare system and makes a friend in Jules, an attractive music teacher who lives alone nearby. But Fred struggles with his pride to tell Jules about his ‘home’ as Cathal’s life is threatened by his escalating drug habit. As they grow closer, the influence of these three outsiders on each other will change their lives. ”


Galway Film Fleadh – Best First Feature Award
International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg – Best Film (Main Award)
Brussels Film Festival – Best Film (Audience Award)
Dallas International Film Festival – Honourable Mention
Irish Film Festival Boston – Best Feature
Paris Close Up Film Festival – MK2 Jameson Best First Irish Feature Award

Parked wins Main Award and Special Mention at Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival 2011


Parked won the Main Award of Mannheim-Heidelberg as well as a Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury for Parked at the 60th International Film Festival of Mannheim-Heidelberg. Colin and producer Dominic Wright accepted the awards during the Gala Festival Finale yesterday, November 20th, at the Stadthaus N1 in Mannheim.

” The jury was very much moved by the mastery of storytelling of a first time director about the unexpected friendship of two opposite characters. In a subtle way the narrative unfolds underestimated values of marginalized people in a bureaucratic society that increasingly fails to recover and maintain human dignity.“

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