Merry Christmas guys !!

” I’m speechless, I did not realized you were so many to appreciate the website and everything I do since all these years … I have no words to say how much your messages moved me. Thank you with all my heart… to me your friendship is the most important, It’s a precious Christmas gift. I wish I could give you more, I wish I could do more … I do everything with my heart, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, you are so precious to me, as Colin is.
Sorry for my English guys,
I send you love and all the best”



#ColinMorgan on the Radio

Colin Morgan will be on BBC Radio 3 at 9pm Sunday 4th December 2016 to read Louis MacNeice’s poetic testament of life in 1938.

The programme will be available online from everywhere.

EDIT December 5th 2016 : Colin Morgan reads Autumn Journal replay


#TheHappyPrince Shooting

The Happy Prince Shooting in Trouville ended yesterday Colin Morgan finished shooting his scenes the last week in Brussels so he wasn’t there.


The Happy Prince should be at the cinema in the next eight months.