The Sea Change is a tale of love and hate between a brother and a sister, the murder of their mother and the magic of a remote Scottish island – based on Jane Rogers’ acclaimed novel ‘Island’.

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Nikki Black has never been happy. Abandoned at birth, she has spent most of her life in foster homes and ‘care’, with fairy-stories her only escape. Incapable of love or of being loved, paralyzed by attacks of Fear and desperate for revenge, she decides to find her birth mother, confront her … then kill her.

Nikki travels up incognito to the remote Hebridean island community where her mother, Phyllis, now lives as a recluse. Upon arrival, she discovers she has a half-brother, Calum – the islander son her mother kept. As the weeks pass and she plots the perfect murder of her mother, in an unforeseen parallel, she awakens to the magic of the island, her beguiling brother and their shared passion for storytelling. Soon, these conflicting emotions compel Nikki, now riddled with paranoia, to force her own hand with terrifying consequences. The story has all the universality and simplicity of a classical tragedy, with an uncompromising, contemporary twist. It raises important questions about identity, family and personal responsibility whilst allowing the redemptive power of love and imagination (accompanied by no small dose of black humour) to soar.

Colin Morgan’s favourite memory on the shoot….

” Filming a scene with Natalie by the sea where Calum is telling Nikki a story about a girl who was raised by seals. As we were filming, some seals started popping their heads out of the water! It just seemed so perfect and there are some nice shots of them in the movie, but that was a really great moment because it was one of those rare times when what was written in the script and could never just happen in real life, was happening right in front of us, felt like the Island was listening to us! ”



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One thought on “Island

  1. It looks incredibly interesting and if any of you had a tip of how to see it, I’d be very glad to hear it ! (I live in Belgium, watching Colin Morgan’s movies is incredibly difficult…)

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