Colin Morgan in Gloria

‘Aren’t you turning thirty any day now? I will die before I turn thirty in a cubicle.’

Hampstead Theatre has announced full casting for the UK premiere of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ Gloria, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2016, which runs from 15 June – 22 July 2017

Colin Morgan and Ellie Kendrick will make their Hampstead Theatre debuts in the razor-sharp comic drama focusing on ambition, office warfare and hierarchies, where the only thing that matters is moving up the ladder and selling out to the highest bidder. The supporting cast includes Kae Alexander, Sian Clifford, Bayo Gbadamosi and Bo Poraj.

Gloria is directed by Michael Longhurst.

New York. A city that runs on ambition – and coffee.

In the offices of a notorious Manhattan magazine, a group of ruthless editorial assistants vie for their bosses’ jobs and a book deal before they’re thirty.

But trapped between Starbucks runs, jaded gossip and endless cubicle walls, best-selling memoir fodder is thin on the ground – that is until inspiration arrives with a bang…


Jacobs-Jenkins has a keen eye for human behaviour. And Gloria, which is set in the airless office of a New York-based magazine, is a closely observed shocker about what can go wrong in a hothouse environment.


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Some photos of Colin Morgan with fans on July 17 at the doors of Hampeast Theater for the Gloria final show, Source: Facebook





” Colin Morgan is fantastic as Dean, angry and frustrated at his lack of success as he approaches 30 but unable to break out of the comfort of his office cubicle… ”

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