#Waitingforyou Screenings #ColinMorgan #FannyArdant


Waiting for you official poster ” You can’t bury the past forever ” with Colin Morgan and Fanny Ardant

More informations on: http://waitingforyoumovie.com


There will be festival screeenings in the autumn:

  • Buffalo International Film Festival, USA (5.15 PM on 9 October)  Buy Tickets: Eventbrite.com


  • Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA (Saturday, Nov 4, 8pm at Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale
    Thursday, Nov 5, 3:30pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood) Buy Tickets: Fliff.com


  • New British Film Festival in Russia, Moscow (1st and 12th November 2017) Coolconnections.ru


  • Screening in France: 21st November 2017 – Rencontres des Cinéma d’Europe, Aubenas, France, www.maisonimage.eu



and more to come…




Credits Photos and informations: http://waitingforyoumovie.com

Directed by Charles Garrad

More details here:  Waiting for you



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