Hunger tv

Hey guys! win a t-shirt customized by Colin Morgan thanks to Hungertv


Simply send them a message on Hunger TV Facebook with the answer to the following question and the name of the star whose shirt you’d like to win.

Q: Name one of the cover stars of Hunger issue 11.


6 thoughts on “Hunger tv

  1. Hi! I love Colin Morgan so so much! I first fell in love with him watching merlin! And have loved him ever since! I love watching everything he is in and cannot wait to see him in more programmes and films. I would love to have this t-shirt that he has designed as it would make me ever so happy and I would treasure it forever!! I hope I’m the lucky winner, probably not as I don’t win anything! But it would be the best thing ever if I did!!
    Thank you for taking your time to read this! 🙂

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